COMMS & Server rooms

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From data centres to computer rooms – Chi projects create facilities fit for UTI Certification, our team provide a comprehensive project plan – what do you need?
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COMMS & Server rooms

COMMS & Server Rooms, helping you to make informed decisions

Do you require work on your COMMS & Server rooms or data centre, a small upgrade or a complete revamp.

It pay’s to invest some time at the beginning of the tender/quotation process to establish a clear list of your COMMS & Server rooms needs and requirements.

Our data centre consultancy service will provide you with a well-designed, detailed specification for your company’s data centre or server room.

A specification that you can use from the very beginning, saving time and enabling you to make a better quality decision when choosing a supplier for your server room or data centre work.

COMMS & Server rooms – from basic computer room set ups to creating facilities fit for UTI Certification our team can provide a comprehensive project plan to fit with your objectives; whether they be technology-driven or based on modular growth.

CHI Projects provides COMMS & Server rooms services to cover every facet of these complex and sensitive projects, from cabling through to cabinet cooling and fire suppression systems, our thorough approach ensures we leave nothing out.

Chi Projects provide turnkey services covering all facets of these complex COMMS & Server Room projects. Data Centres Design & Build

Energy Efficiency in Data Centres

Most data centres, by design, consume vast amounts of energy in an incongruously wasteful manner, interviews and documents show.

Online companies typically run their facilities at maximum capacity around the clock, whatever the demand – as a result, data centres can waste 90 percent or more of the electricity they pay for from the grid.

We enable organisations to understand the key elements of Data Centre Design Build and how the right environment can enhance operational effectiveness, staff productivity and lower their carbon footprint.

CHI projects provide a roadmap detailing your journey with us throughout the Data Centre Design Build , whether it be a large or small project we ensure everyone understands the process.

Energy Efficiency in Data Centres?

Data centres often waste 90% of the electricity they use – can this be a cost saving for your company?
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Flooring – Chi Projects


Surface preparations including levelling and damp proof membranes, through to knowledgeable & experienced advice on types of floor covering & finally, expert installation.

Office IT Installation


Server rooms & data outlets to network cabling installations, our experienced team can help you plan the most suitable cabling & data infrastructure for existing or new property.

Office Partitions


Straightforward sound or vision screening as part of space reconfiguration, or more complex multi-functional specification – we can design & provide a tailored solution.

Office Security


Intruder detection systems, access control, CCTV and remote surveillance which can be monitored world wide, server room protection and fire alarms. We’re happy to advise.

COMMS & Server Rooms


Chi Projects deploy cutting edge technology in real-world commercial environments, providing complex data integration solutions with unparalleled flexibility and cost efficiency.

Office Fit Out


As office fit-out specialists we offer expertise in every aspect of office design and fit process, from initial space planning through to choices of final finish and furnishing.

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Chi undertake both ‘Traditional’ & ‘Design & Build’ construction contracts, and offer complete commercial & office fit-out, relocation & refurbishment services.

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